Forget Grey Greenhouses Are Sitting Pretty

There has been a “revolution” under a glass ceiling, with younger people and a great deal more women are discovering the delights of “chilling” in a greenhouse.

And it is not just about growing plants!  Both sexes are discovering the joys of having a plant-filled sanctuary to add space and possibilities to their homes.

The beautiful, well-crafted red cedar wood greenhouses lovingly engineered by Gabriel Ash have been a haven for baby boomers for years. However, the wave of enthusiasm to “grow your own” has brought a new generation scurrying under glass structures.

So anyone planning a home extension next year may well want to consider a far less costly option – adding a greenhouse or other glass structure to your home provides a place to lounge, read, carry out hobbies or even entertain…alongside actually growing plants!

Using the superior technology and workmanship of Gabriel Ash means both light and heat are maximised, reducing running costs and increasing productivity in the company’s greenhouses.

Gabriel Ash also uses a minimal amount of aluminium – primarily at the foundation of the greenhouse to protect against water damage – and even uses the age old miracle of beeswax – cooling and solidifying to work the incredibly effective venting system.

This means a Gabriel Ash greenhouse is also a “green” option to extend your home too.