Finding The Right Greenhouse Heater For My Greenhouse

Serious gardeners understand the importance of maintaining optimum greenhouse temperatures all year round. In the UK, the only way to ensure your greenhouse remains warm during the colder months is by installing a greenhouse heater. There are a number of heaters available and the best one for your requirements will depend on the type and size of your greenhouse, its location, and the types of plants or seedlings you have. Installing an effective heater can also help to prevent damp, mildew and condensation becoming issues. Handy electric heaters allow you to easily control the temperature in your greenhouse and are extremely straightforward to use.

The Palma Greenhouse Heater

This energy-efficient heater is safe and simple to use. It is designed to stand on the floor and its attractive appearance means it won’t be an eyesore. It is solidly built yet compact enough for most greenhouses – even smaller models. The digital thermostat can be conveniently mounted at eye level so that you won’t need to bend or kneel to read the temperature. This heater is great for when you need rapid heat, as it gets to work immediately and distributes warm air evenly around your greenhouse. The accurate thermostat makes it easy to maintain optimum conditions all year round and the heater is economical to run.

The Phoenix Greenhouse Heater

The Phoenix heater is a practical choice for most types of greenhouse. It is powerful yet quiet and can also be used in conservatories in which you need a little extra warmth, making it a versatile option. It is suitable for floor mounting or can be hung with chains from your greenhouse’s apex if your structure is sturdy enough to bear its weight. In addition to providing effective heating, it cools extremely well. This makes it an excellent choice for gardeners who are concerned about rising temperatures in their greenhouse during warmer spells.

The Indiana Greenhouse Heater

While not quite as powerful as the Phoenix heater discussed above, this energy-efficient model is still extremely effective. The heater’s thermostat can be set to the desired level to ensure the greenhouse temperature remains constant. The Indiana is also excellent for cooling your greenhouse during the summer months. Easy to use, the Indiana is supplied with a reassuring two-year guarantee.

The Eco Heater Slimline Greenhouse Heater

If space is at a premium, this heater is the perfect choice. Its slimline design means it can easily slot into smaller spaces than other heaters and it can be wall mounted if you want to save even more space. Despite its compact dimensions, the Eco Heater Slimline provides efficient and constant warmth to keep your greenhouse at the optimum temperature and help to prevent mildew, damp and condensation.