Females getting better at DIY

The women of the UK are developing their home improvement skills due to a combination of better job prospects and a high divorce rate, it has been suggested.

According to lets-do-diy.com, females are becoming more independent and increasingly likely to try their hand at DIY than ever before.

The website recently conducted a poll that stirred up much debate on the subject of which sex was more proficient at carrying out tasks around the home.

While the final result favoured males, just four per cent separated the genders.

"The closeness of the polls result strongly indicates more women than ever before are carrying out their own home improvements and maintenance," said editor Seb Mills.

While having DIY skills can help save money in the home, larger projects such as building a conservatory may require the knowledge of an expert.

BarbeSkew founder Ed Wray recently predicted Brits would once again make good use of their outdoor space this year by holding upwards of 95 million barbeques.