Farmscrapers The Future

Innovative Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut, the instigator of such zany ideas such as lilypad cities and amphibious laboratories has created another vision of what cities may be look like in future.

This time his idea, knows as “Asian Cairns” or “Farmscrapers” is supposedly a solution to overcrowding in China’s major cities.

These farmscrapers will comprise a mix of offices, residencies, leisure spaces, gardens and greenhouses, towering above orchards and agricultural fields. The farmscrapers will also have wind turbines and solar panels on the exterior, and will actually create more energy than will be consumed by the building.

The eccentric design might seem years away, but the concept is already being applied to buildings such as the Bosco Verticale in Milan. Many other such concepts are being unveiled regularly.

Getting the financial backing is another question altogether, but as cities grow, there are increasing calls to redefine urbanism in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

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