Extinct frog reintroduced to East Anglia

Gardeners in Norfolk had better watch out as from October they may have a protected species of frog hopping into their gardens or greenhouses.

The pool frog was imported from Sweden and has been introduced to a secret site in the Norfolk area.

The frog was once prevalent in the UK, but died out in the 90s, and now scientists are hoping to rebuild the species by restoring its natural habitat, Natural England amphibian specialist Jim Foster explained.

"It is vital to have this kind of protection in place for the pool frog before we could consider reintroducing them elsewhere in East Anglia," he said.

From October 1st, the frogs will be safeguarded against being killed, harmed, disturbed, taken, traded or having their habitat destroyed.

Those found guilty of any of these misdemeanours could find themselves in jail.

If spotted, the frogs should be left to their own devices to assist with their development.

According to genetic analysis, the frogs actually have a northern accent, meaning it sounds similar to other frogs of the northern group.