Extensions a good idea for value boost

Recent figures have shown that adding an extension to the home could significantly boost its value.

But according to the Association of Estate Agents Peter Bolton King, many people consider other ways of improving the home before thinking about an extension.

"Bathrooms, kitchens, that sort of thing, tend to weigh more on peoples minds than perhaps the external stuff," he said.

He said that an extension could benefit those in need of extra space however "it very much depends on what you have there at the moment and what the area is like".

"If you have plenty of space already inside then there is very little point in carrying out additional extensions."

A recent survey by Liverpool Victoria insurance company found that around £4 billion has been spent on home improvements in the last 18 months in the UK.

Adding a glazed extension to the kitchen can be a great way of adding extra space to the home while improving its exterior appearance.