Extension building process

Once consumers make the decision to expand their living space – possibly through the installation of a pool house or garden studio – the process is "relatively simple", an industry commentator has asserted.

Writing in the Sunday Mail, Donny Sheridan explains that many homeowners are looking to make more improvements to their home due to volatility in the housing market.

He notes that some resources will cost more than others, with sandstone being a more expensive building material than common brick, for example.

Mr Sheridan also suggests that consumers seek the advice of a professional to help them decide on the style and type of their new living space as they have experience in this field.

During the construction process, he suggests that homeowners can become emotionally involved but that a professional builder will remain calm and deal with any issues that may arise.

In related news, online resource ByteStart recently identified a growing trend for small business owners in the UK to set up office bases in their own garden.