Experts encourage gardeners to protect wildlife as National Nest Box week approaches

Wildlife experts are encouraging gardeners to protect wildlife in their garden. With the annual National Nest Box Week approaching, wildlife experts CJ Wildlife, said that now was the perfect time for gardeners to consider installing a box in their garden as preparation for the breeding season.
National Nest Box Week will run from the 14th February to the 21st February and will give gardeners the chance to put up a nest box in their local area and protect British wildlife during the breeding season.
“Although the start of the breeding season is still a few weeks away, siting a nest box at this time of year means that the birds will become familiar with it and include it in their territories,” said CJ Wildlife Advice Manager, Martin George.
“They also make nice warm roosting sites during the colder months so it may well get used before the breeding season begins.”
To prove birds with a safe, secure and warm home, gardeners are advised to position their nest boxes at a height between 1.5m and 5.5m, as this will help to keep the nest box away from predators. Nest boxes should also be positioned away from strong winds and direct sunlight.