Expert: Know the difference between ramblers and climbers

Gardening and greenhouse enthusiasts must differentiate between ‘ramblers’ and ‘climbers’ when growing roses in their outdoor space, an expert has revealed.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Helen Yemm said those that flower once in June or July before producing "masses of barely controllable new growth" are ramblers.

Meanwhile, those that bloom several times from June onwards until frost starts appearing are climbers, she revealed.

The latter need pruning every year in winter, Ms Yemm outlined, to allow growth to continue on short shoots in spring.

However, "ramblers grown on structures are incredibly high maintenance and are best left to leg it up trees where they can, well, ramble", she added.

The expert went on to say that lower-maintenance climbers are better suited for walls, arches and fences.

Writing for NBC Action News, Mike Markewinski recently revealed winter is the best time to get out in the garden and prune trees