Expert Flowerdew imparts wisdom to greenhouse and garden lovers

Gardeners Question Time panellist Bob Flowerdew has been advising horticulturists how to get the best out of their garden and greenhouse for many years now.

The Radio 4 contributor is an organic gardening expert and has advised many a fine gardener how to ensure their garden is not only beautiful and bountiful but grown ethically.

According to the Daily Mail, Flowerdew advises that gardeners use the relative down time of the winter months to write out labels for each type of seed they intend to sow and place them in the seed packets so that they can be transferred straight onto the plant when it pushes up its first shoots.

Another piece of good advice that will save both money and the environment is to avoid using plastic or glass cloches to protect seedling.

The aptly-named garden expert recommends cutting a clear plastic bottle in half and using it to cover newly-planted seeds, protecting them from the elements.

This applies to seeds planted outside – those planted under glass in the greenhouse are less susceptible to environmental factors such as wind and rain.

Gardeners worried about weeds can use either hot water, according to Flowerdew, or an aerobic mulch, according to the Royal Horticultural Society, to keep them at bay.