Exhibitionist gnomes censored by local council

A West Midlands homeowner has been ordered to cover up her naked garden gnomes after a complaint from a neighbour.

Grandmother Sandra Smith has had the cheeky ornaments in her garden for around 15 years and was surprised to receive a phone call from Bromsgrove District Council.

She explained her collection often amuses visitors and said it was a bit of "harmless fun", adding her green space provides a lot of enjoyment.

"Im going to be keeping the gnomes in the garden with their T-shirts on at the moment but I love like to get the gnomes out in their glory again," she asserted.

However, the neighbour, who did not wish to be named, called the ornaments "pathetic" and suggested they were not appropriate for young children.

Ms Smith may now have to turn her hand to other garden activities to make the most of her outdoor space.

With summer on its way, now might be a good time to begin planting fruit and vegetable seeds in the yard and greenhouse.

Meanwhile, the Royal Horticultural Society recently announced it is to hold a number of open days at its Garden Wisley site in Surrey.