Exercise key to feeling better

The financial downturn and negativity of the last year is likely to have taken its toll on the average Brits outlook on life but exercise is being touted as a way of feeling better and keeping the pounds off.

Public health minister Dawn Primarolo recently explained to the Local Government Association conference that exercise can benefit both individuals and the nation.

"Physical activity is the key to stopping this country becoming the obesity capital of the world – and it makes us feel better," she said. "People of all ages can gain from doing more exercise."

While experts suggestion that people do at least 30 minutes exercise five days per week may seem like a little too much it is worth pointing out that 30 minutes spent mowing the lawn or planting some vegetables in the garden or greenhouse can provide that mood-boosting burst of exercise.

Recent statistics showed that 14 million people in the UK fail to do even 30 minutes physical activity per week.

A study by Washington University School of Medicine scientists found that a lack of exercise can increase a persons risk of developing bowel cancer.