Examiner looks at container gardening title

A gardening enthusiast has reviewed a book on container gardening, stating it stands out in a market that is saturated by similar titles.

Organic Crops in Pots by Debora Schneebeli-Morrell achieves a good balance of being "pretty and productive", according to the Examiners Robin Wedewer.

She explained the book contains the usual sections giving basic gardening tips, before going on to suggest a number of small projects to be carried out in the garden or greenhouse.

"I particularly like that the author includes small crops you dont usually see in container gardening books," Ms Wedewer wrote.

She said the book contains sections that will be useful for beginner greenhouse and garden growers, while other parts are better for those with more experience.

Examples of projects include growing eggplants in recycled olive oil cans and strawberries in wooden food boxes.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, a diverse range of plants can help create a "rich habitat" for wildlife – something that many organic growers aspire to.