Examiner examines garden frugality

The Huddersfield Daily Examiners Graham Porter has been dispensing credit crunch gardening advice.

The gardening correspondent explained that the fiasco surrounding the banks and credit industry is a great opportunity for gardeners to take charge of their own finances, gardens and family by changing a few simple habits.

He suggests that those looking to put their greenhouses and gardens to good use while saving cash in the process can do so by cutting the amount of expensive electrical and petrol-powered items used in the garden and making use of manual lawnmowers and shears.

"Start propagating your own plants from saved seed, home-grown divisions and cuttings," writes Mr Porter.

"Have a chat with your neighbours to see if you can all help one another and swap plants rather than buying them."

Other ideas include growing the familys favourite fruit and veg to save a hefty bill at the supermarket and adding water butts to save paying for expensive tap water to feed the plants.