Evidence of glass recycling may prompt ethical conservatory choice

When people buy a conservatory, glazed extension, greenhouse or any other form of glazed appendage for the home they may be told that the materials are recyclable.

Although on the surface this may mean little to them when committing to buy the item, the homeowner should sign up safe in the knowledge that, one day, the product will be re-used to help protect the environment.

One such example of how this is achievable is the new branch of the Missoula Federal Credit Union in Montana in the US.

"100 per cent of the concrete is 100 per cent recycled in the building," explained MMW Architects John Wells to Montanasnewstation.com.

"Its made out of fly ash and glass. The tan colour is the fly ash and you can see the glass sparkling."

The building is even more eco-friendly inside, with numerous items having been made from recycled glass donated by local residents.

The building has done well in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system and is causing quite a stir in Montana.

Other eco-friendly points include panels made from compresses paper, prioritized parking for fuel efficient cars and a water collection scheme to reduce water wastage from drinking fountains and sinks.

With the addition of solar panels and energy efficient lighting, the building has become only the second in Montana to receive a platinum rating on the LEED.