Events To Get Involved In This National Gardening Week

We British love our gardens, and National Gardening Week is the time of year when we celebrate this to the full. Many public gardens, parks and historic properties are joining in with the festivities by hosting fascinating events. This gives you more reason than ever to enjoy some of the UK's finest gardens, and in a way that is quite different from any opportunity you will have throughout the rest of the year.

Of the many events that are taking place this National Gardening Week, the following are just a few of those that promise to be particularly worth paying a visit.

Spring Daffodil Trail – Arlington Court, Devon
Dates: 13th-18th April 2015

Arlington Court in Devon is hosting a Spring Daffodil Trail. What sets this apart from the many other wonderful flower trails taking place over the course of the week is the fact that it's not just about the things that have been grown. The beautiful natural flowers of these gardens are joined by a host of daffodils that have been lovingly crafted by hand from materials such as paper, felt and knitted or crocheted wool. This gives visitors the chance to admire both the beauty of nature and the handiwork of dedicated crafters.

Talk and Tea with James Wong – RHS Garden Hyde Hall, Chelmsford
Date: 13th April 2015 (2.30-4.00pm)

Fans of TV presenter, botanist, and RHS personality James Wong will enjoy this tea and talk event at the Royal Horticultural Society Garden Hyde Hall. In the beautiful setting of this scenic garden, Wong will be taking the opportunity of National Gardening Week to promote his new book entitled Grow for Flavour and sell signed copies. It's not just a promotional event, however. Wong will also be giving a talk, and guests will be presented with the perfect accompaniment to an English country garden – tea.

Japanese Flowering Cherries – Batsford Arboretum
Dates: 13th-19th April 2015

Batsford Arboretum is home to some truly lovely Japanese flowering cherries. These are some of the most stunning flowering trees on earth with their gorgeous crowds of pink blossoms. At Batsford Arboretum, you can see more shades of pink than you probably thought could exist, and during National Gardening Week they will be in spectacular full bloom. They benefit from the accompaniment of 73 different magnolia species, creating a truly wonderful garden for visitors to enjoy.

Discover the 17th Century Terraces – Dyrham Park National Trust West Garden, Nr. Bath
Dates: 13th-19th April 2015

For those who enjoy discovering history and heritage along with the beauty of well-kept gardens, this is an ideal event. The wonderful National Trust garden in Dyrham Park is home to some truly exceptional historic 17th-century terraced gardens which were once lost and have since been rediscovered. Visitors can learn about the history of these wonderful gardens and about all the work that goes into the National Trust's effort to recover, restore and conserve the stunning terraces.