EU Proposes to Ban British Garden Favourites

Many of Britain’s favourite plants could be banned from sale in garden centres under new EU proposals. The popular lavender Lavindula Hidcote, the iris Jane Phillips, the holly shrub known as Ilex Golden King and the pink clematis Nelly Moser are amongst those at risk.

The European Commission have announced a shakeup of plant legislation meaning that each plant variety must be registered and given a detailed scientific name. The UK does not have a register for its plants, with experts arguing it would take years to set up, and at great cost.

The aim of the new legislation is to ensure consumers are not sold fake or inferior plants. As a result, unregistered plants could be removed from garden centres.

UK growers and consumers have expressed dismay that what was intended to be a simplification of trade rules has resulted in a new EU law dictating the plants people are allowed to buy.

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