Enhance the other senses in the garden

Britains gardens and greenhouses can be used to educate gardeners about the different fragrances that come with plants.

While winter tends to sap colour from gardens, expert Stephen Lacey suggests in the Daily Telegraph that the UKs green-fingered growers use their greenhouses to produce a plethora of strong-smelling plants.

Mahonia viburnum, sarcococca, daphne and wintersweet are all on Mr Laceys list of suggested species.

He writes of how he has created a fragrant welcome for visitors to his home by growing a "potent cocktail" of scented plants next to his front gate.

Meanwhile, a whole industrial-sized glasshouse full of fragrant flowers is set to go on display in the US as part of "The Fragrance Garden: A Journey for the Senses".

The Missouri exhibition will treat gardeners to a plethora of smells, with visitors sniffing coffee beans between plants to "cleanse the palate".

One of the plants suggested by Mr Lacey is witch hazel, which the Royal Horticultural Society advises gardeners to grow in moderately fertile acid to neutral soil that is moist but well-drained.