English Plums Reach Waitrose

This week, Waitrose will take its first delivery of English plums as part of the Waitrose Way of Championing British campaign, which aims to bring consumers closer to the best British seasonal food.

Grown at Castle Fruit Farms in Newent, Gloucestershire, the Herman plums were delayed this year thanks to this year’s adverse spring weather. Despite the slow start to the season, the recent good weather should signify a bumper crop as orchards swell with fruit.

The varieties of plum available at the supermarket will change as the season progresses. Starting with the Herman, other varieties will include Opal which is sweet with a red skin, Reeves Seedling with its yellow flesh and the Victoria, a blushed pink/yellow variety. The season will end in late September with the dark purple Marjorie Seedling.

In a symbolic move, the growers Michael and Chrissie Bentley hand delivered the first batch to the supermarket’s Great Malvern store.

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