Edinburgh hosts "unmissable" garden show

According to Green Party member Robin Harper, the Power Plant display is a marvel to behold.

He told BBC News the display at the Royal Botanic Gardens is worth going to see as it encourages people to consider the environment.

“This very vivid experience is unmissable because it will alter peoples view of nature quite deeply and provoke thought on climate change,” Mr Harper stated.

Using lights and sounds, the creators of the show have changed the look and feel of the garden site.

An hour-long walk through the grounds will take in a variety of interestingly illuminated plants, while things like a World War II air raid siren and vacuums attached to organ pipes reportedly create a weird and wonderful soundscape.

The centrepiece of the display is a large Victorian glasshouse lit up as if electricity is flowing through it.

Visitors to the site may also enjoy the Tales in the Gloaming event, which takes place next Friday (September 4t