Eco-gardening commandments

Eco-living is becoming an increasingly bigger issue in todays society and gardeners can play a larger part than most in helping the environment.

Gardening in itself can be useful in that it provides plants to help absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

But gardeners can follow certain practices that will help benefit the environment even more, according to the Times.

In January last year, the newspaper printed a list of Ten Commandments for eco-gardening which are as apt today as they were then.

Among the commandments was thou shalt not use peat.

All gardeners should know that peat is part of the UKs ecosystem and wont grow back once harvested.

Although peat is a good soil improver, the RHS and National Trust both avoid using it due to their green beliefs and prefer to use peat-free composts, which are more eco-friendly.

Other rules include not wasting water, recycling garden waste as compost and using biodegradable products only.