Eco-furnishing the conservatory

Recently, eco-consciousness has become very much the order of the day and this also extends to furnishing the home.

Over the course of this year a great number of British families have chosen to upgrade their home rather than sell up and move due to falling prices.

This has led to the conundrum of how to ecologically furnish extensions like conservatories and lean-tos.

Conservatory and garden furniture specialist Holloways recommends researching the materials used in the manufacture of any furniture chosen for the conservatory.

"As deforestation is recognised as one of the main contributors to climate change, we particularly welcome some of the interesting new materials used now to make garden furniture, replacing timber," it said on its website.

"For example, a remarkable man-made wicker that is resistant to sunlight and rain, is easy to clean and will not fade."

A whole range of conservatory furniture is available from a range of sources, meaning that choosing an eco-version should be fairly easy, given enough care.