Eco-chic design fever hits

A trend, from which few can escape, is sweeping the UK at the moment.

From businesses to government to homeowners, everyone seems to becoming more interested in sustainable living.

The credit crunch and rising food prices have encouraged many to take up growing their own food, but a home improvement expert has suggested the eco-revolution may even be reaching into the design of the home.

Apropos spokesman Jason Pardesi said members of the "eco-chic revolution" are looking at whether their home improvements are eco-friendly as well as stylish.

"People are being influenced to a certain extent by the celebrity eco-drive, but by and large they are driving themselves to become more eco-friendly and to live more sustainable lives," he explained.

"This really has been a catalyst for the eco-chic revolution of late; people want sustainable style, not just sustainable."

Those looking to erect a greenhouse to help them grow their own may consider an aluminium or wooden design.

While aluminium can be recycled, wood is biodegradable, meaning both materials can be considered eco-friendly.