Easier than ever to grow your own food

It is now easier and more cost-effective than ever to grow your own fruit and vegetables, it has been claimed.

According to OrganicGardenGrower.com, the increased popularity of food cultivation has come hand in hand with a demand for healthy eatables.

The websites founder Dan DeLouise explained even those with limited experience can expect to be successful with todays technology.

Products such as EarthBox and AeroGarden are designed to lengthen the growing season and provide added opportunities for greenhouse and garden fans to cultivate food.

The website highlighted how growing your own can provide fresh, healthy alternatives to supermarket produce, which often has pesticides and other chemicals added.

Furthermore, fruit and vegetables bought in a store also have the added environmental baggage of the carbon emissions created in their transportation – something some gardeners would rather avoid.

Meanwhile, Voice of America recently reported that the main university hospital in Senegal has founded its own kitchen garden to help provide free, healthy food for AIDS patients.