Early Easter not ideal for summer bloom planting

Due to Easter holiday falling early this year, it is still a little too early to plant out summer bedding plants that are more susceptible to cold temperatures.

Rachel de Thame makes her comments in the Times, explaining that people can purchase bedding plants, but that they should keep them in a frost-free environment that can be provided by greenhouses and coldframes.

"Given a really sheltered sunny spot in the southern counties or a protected town garden and a bit of luck, they might survive. Anywhere else and you could lose the lot after a cold snap," she adds.

For those planning to grow vegetables, Ms de Thame suggests making a planting plan as this can help to reduce pests and disease as well as getting the most out of soil.

Beginners should read up on the subject before sowing or planting, she concludes.

Meanwhile, gardening expert Sharon Petterson recently told ABC15.com that spring provides the perfect opportunity to trim back the dead branches on bushes and shrubs.