Dorset Naga inducted into Collins dictionary

The Collins English dictionary has added more than 260 new words to its 30th gold edition, including the name of a UK-bred chilli.

According to the publication, the Dorset Naga is "a British-grown variety of the Naga Jolokia chilli pepper noted for its extreme heat".

The entry also includes a warning from the Times newspaper which suggests that the likely result of eating one whole is for the victim to end up in hospital, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) revealed.

The variety was bred in Dorset by Joy and Michael Michaud, with the couple admitting to being proud and excited by its inclusion in the dictionary.

According to tests using the Scoville scale, the Dorset Naga is officially listed as one of the worlds hottest chillis.

Growers had previously believed that it would be impossible for a chilli to achieve the one million heat level mark, but the UK-bred plant managed it, Mrs Michaud said.

In other news, the warmer summers caused by climate change could be having a negative effect on Scottish forestry, the RHS revealed.