Doctor finds rare truffle in his garden

When attending to his garden, Dr Soper found what looked to be a useless fungus growing among the shrubbery and dug it up only to find it was a tasty truffle.

Dr Soper told the Bury Free Press he was very surprised at coming across such a rare and expensive treat.

“It wasn’t, as they lead you to believe, under an oak tree. It was under a prunus shrub. In France in Périgord they go for EUR 1,000 (£880) a kilo!”

After taking the truffle to a local chef for identification, Dr Soper tried the treat and claimed it tasted “wonderful”.

Truffles are underground fungi which are famed for their luxurious and unique taste. They are ubiquitous in some parts of Britain and some firms, like Truffle UK, are trying to cultivate more of the delicacies in the country