Do not confuse your killers

Gardeners have been advised to not confuse weedkiller with lawn weedkillers as the consequences could be dire.

Online resource Huntingdon Town Crier explains that consumers could inadvertently wipe out their entire lawn if they purchase the wrong product.

As such, when buying the product, horticulturalists are advised to ensure that they purchase a weedkiller from the lawn section of their garden centre.

The publication notes that weeds such as dandelions have hormones that are not present in plants such as grass, which have parallel veins.

"By acting on these specific hormones the weedkillers will select out grass from weeds. Any plant with a vein along its leaf with smaller veins off it will be classed as a broad leaf weed and will be knocked out by a lawn weedkiller," it adds.

The Royal Horticultural Society explains that weedkiller can damage other plants if it is windy when the product is being applied to troublesome plants as it can drift onto other flora.