DIY hesitance no bad thing

A large proportion of UK homeowners lack confidence in their ability to carry out home improvements, a recent study has found.

More than four in ten (43 per cent) feel they are less proficient at DIY than their parents generation, according to the Halifax survey.

With the Easter weekend almost here, 34 per cent of respondents intend to use the time to improve their property in some way.

However, while 77 per cent of Brits feel comfortable painting, 65 per cent are unsure of wallpapering and 75 per cent would not attempt to tile at home.

This trend is not necessarily negative, according to head of underwriting David Rochester, who explained undertaking tricky tasks unqualified could lead to costly repercussions.

"It all looks so easy on the home makeover programmes, but it is perhaps no bad thing that most people say they wouldnt attempt large DIY projects themselves," he said.

He asserted those who have an accident while attempting something that should be left to the experts could be left to pay for any damage as their actions may invalidate their policy.

It comes just a week after insurance company Saga warned that homeowners should be wary of garden thieves during summer.