Disneyland monorail uses new glass technology

The iconic monorail that winds its way through the Disneyland amusement park is getting a facelift, it has been reported.

Visitors will first be able to try out the new monorail on Friday and organisers hope they will appreciate not only the new seating arrangement but also the glass used.

The Monorail Red, or Mark VII, features glazing that change colour in the sunlight.

Each monorail train will be led by a carriage with blue glass and red stripes that alter in the sunlight, followed by a blue carriage with purple glazing and orange with blue glass, the Mercury News reports.

The LA Times revealed earlier this month that riderless daytime test had begun on the Monorail Red in preparation for its visitor debut – with night-time testing due to begin shortly.

And Walt Disney World history describes the monorail as one of the most widely-recognised sites associated with the theme park.

It explains that the storage centre for the monorails has its own painting room, which can paint an entire monorail in under three weeks.