Design Your Own Luxury Wooden Greenhouse

If you are a keen gardener who loves nothing better than pottering around in your outdoor space, planting cuttings and pruning, you may well have thought about buying a greenhouse.

Greenhouses are excellent additions to any garden, whether you have a tiny plot of land or a large number of acres. They allow you to cultivate and grow a wider range of plants than you could manage outdoors, as they capture the sunlight and retain the heat.

Even exotic plants and a wide range of fruit and vegetables can be grown with the help of a greenhouse. Any gardener worth his or her salt knows it makes sense to get one, but which greenhouse is best and how do you know which design to choose?

You could go for that cheap aluminium greenhouse in the local hardware shop, of course; however, as with most products, you really do get what you pay for. Here at Gabriel Ash, we believe our range of luxury greenhouses is the best money can buy.

We offer the very best greenhouses on the market. All our greenhouses are expertly handmade from high-quality western red cedar wood, meaning not only will they look fabulous for many years to come but also they will need the minimum amount of maintenance.

Wooden greenhouses are undoubtedly far more attractive than the alternatives, blending into any garden seamlessly and becoming a thing of beauty rather than simply a functional building.

All our frames are lovingly made by our team of experts using durable mortise and tenon joints, meaning they will withstand whatever the British weather cares to throw at them for many a year.

For added strength, all the fixings on our greenhouses are either brass or solid stainless steel. We really do believe that you will not get better-made greenhouses anywhere else.

All our greenhouses are fabulous; in addition, to make sure you are as happy as you can possibly be with your purchase, we offer you the opportunity to design your own luxury greenhouse to your own exact specifications.

Design Your Own Luxury Wooden Greenhouse

Using the simple greenhouse builder tool on our website, you can choose anything from the size you want your greenhouse to be to the types of accessories you want inside. Designing your own bespoke greenhouse in this way enables you to get precisely the garden building you want and need – there is no compromising.

Using our customising tool, you can choose the style – from our Classic collection to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) collection. Next, you can decide on a type – these include lean-tos, freestanding greenhouses, vinehouse or planthouse designs, or our RHS portico style buildings.

You then choose the size you require, from the smallest lean-to to the largest freestanding design. Being able to pick a width and length will enable you to choose precisely the right greenhouse for your size of garden.

Design Your Own Luxury Wooden Greenhouse

The next stage in designing your greenhouse is deciding what type of wall you desire, with this choice including dwarf walls, glass all the way to the ground or, in some cases, single brick.

You can even choose a door type – either hinged or sliding – and the accessories, such as shelving, staging and blinds, you want installed.