Design tips to maximise space

A small living space can be made to feel and function like a far roomier area with a little thought, a recent article in the Mirror advises.

With many potential buyers currently priced off the housing property ladder, the article argues that there has never been a better time to try to do more with available space using some imagination and creative thinking.

The paper follows the case of a south London couple who decided to get rid of a small corridor in their flat to give them an extra bedroom and an open plan living room.

If homeowners have DIY experience themselves then money can instantly be saved on manpower, while smaller jobs can be carried out by professionals relatively cheaply. Simply switching furniture around can free up a lot of space and make a flat feel much larger than it is, the article added.

Sound-proofing a flat and installing insulation can also be a help as a quieter home can create greater privacy, while insulation will help reduce energy bills as less heat will escape.

Homeowners looking for inspiration when it comes to DIY could turn to the television. A survey conducted in August of this year by found that almost eight million Britons have undertaken home improvement as a direct result of watching DIY TV programmes.