Design as you dress

Confused consumers who are stuck when it comes to home design purchases should take a look in their wardrobe.

Such is the opinion of design coordinator Kelly Edwards, who explains that when stuck for inspiration, an easy way to identify a style that people like is to look at their clothes.

Identifying the patterns, textures and colours that consumers like in their apparel can easily be transferred to their home designs, she tells online resource the Chicago Sun-Times.

"Just like you want your clothes to express your personality, you want your home to express who you are," Ms Edwards explains.

She suggests that tops are the most telling items of couture and as such, upholstery, pillows, rugs and other items can be based on their textures and patterns.

Meanwhile, independent estate agent haart recently stated that rooms should be defined and have a specific purpose, suggesting that dining rooms should have a table and chairs to emphasise their function.