Delaware gardeners given host of horticultural classes

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in Delaware state are set to get the chance to pick up some useful horticultural tips.

According to the Cape Gazette, the Sussex County Master Gardeners are to offer a number of workshops at the Carvel Research and Education Centre, Georgetown.

Classes will also take place at the Master Gardeners Demonstration Garden, with many of the events, which run throughout the autumn months, costing nothing to attend.

Examples of the tutorials available include the Growing Greens class, which looks at getting the best out of spinach, lettuce and other healthy vegetables during Delawares cooler fall months.

The Colour for All Seasons workshop will teach attendees how to add vibrant tones to their garden and greenhouse throughout the year.

Meanwhile, expert Tracy Mulveny is set to lead a session on French vegetable gardening called Beauty and the Beets.

In other news, recently published some advice on planting a three seasons garden that provides colour through spring, summer and autumn.