Deciding which greenhouse is best for you

If you love gardening and wish to extend your gardening season, then a greenhouse is the perfect solution. However, before adding a greenhouse to your garden, you will need to decide what type of structure will best suit your requirements. Gabriel Ash offers a wide range of greenhouses that are not only designed to provide your plants with everything they need to thrive but also fit your garden perfectly.

Here are some of the most popular types of greenhouses.

•    Freestanding Greenhouse.
Freestanding greenhouses are the perfect choice for those in need of a structure that offers plenty of space. As a freestanding design is not attached to any other structure or building, you are provided with more freedom over where to place it in your garden. Freestanding greenhouses are available in a wide range of different sizes and styles, including Victorian and Edwardian designs.
This type of greenhouse offers many advantages, one of the main ones being that due to the design, your plants are provided with plenty of natural sunlight.

•    Lean-to Greenhouse.
Lean-to greenhouses are extremely popular and offer many advantages. This type of greenhouse is attached to a wall, making it an ideal choice for those looking a space-saving structure. Although smaller than other types of designs, a lean-to greenhouse still offers just enough space to grow a selection of plants. As the structure is attached to your home, you can easily access utilities such as water and electricity. This not only provides more convenience when it comes to caring for your plants but also enables you to reduce your energy bills. A similar design is the vinehouse, which is an ideal choice for those that have very limited garden space but still require a structure that will enable them to grow a selection of plants.

•    Cedar Greenhouse.
Cedar wood greenhouses are a great addition to any garden. The cedar design is popular due to the many benefits offered by cedar wood. Cedar wood is not only durable and rot resistant, but also provides a beautiful design that is sure to enhance the look of any garden. Cedar wood is known for its pleasant aroma, which helps to repel insects. The attractive design of the wood along with its many properties enables you to be provided with a stunning greenhouse that is sure to last for much longer than other types of designs.

•    Glasshouse.
Glasshouses are becoming a popular addition to homes. This type of greenhouse can not only be used to grow a selection of plants but also for a wide range of other purposes.
With many people wishing to create extra space within their home and garden, glasshouses have become the perfect solution. Glasshouses offer a flexible interior design, so you can easily combine your greenhouse with a summerhouse section or create an area where you can simply relax and unwind.


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