Dealing with Capsids

The Daily Telegraphs Helen Yemm has been discussing the problem of Capsid bugs, which have been particularly prevalent this year.

She explains that the wet weather may have affected the increase in the number of cases where the bugs are afflicting plants such as choisyas, fuchsias and crocosmias.

Ms Yemm despairs over how best to deal with an infestation and recommends that chemicals may be the only way.

"Regrettably, I can see no way of dealing with this garden horror story without resorting to chemical control, and trying to stop the antics of the first generation by spraying plants known to be attractive to them with a systemic spray (Ultimate Bug Killer) as their buds start to develop in late April," she explained.

"The procedure should be repeated a few weeks later, just after mid-summer.

"What we really need is a short, sharp, frosty pest-controlling period this winter."

The bugs are small with long legs and are usually about a quarter of the size of the little fingernail.

Unfortunately, the unremarkable looking bugs are vicious pests which eat flowers as they develop.