Damian Bar passes on advice

The Times Damian Barr attended the tenth annual Open Garden Squares Weekend recently and recorded what he had learned as gardening tips on Times online (July 18th).

He came up with ten hints for making the most of your garden, including introducing squares to make it seem bigger.

He advises that gardeners grow fragrant herbs and flowers nearer to the home so the aromas reach you more easily.

Other tips include spray painting box hedges brown leaves so that they appear green in winter while recycling can help make your garden even more eco-friendly.

He quotes Cable Street Community Gardens coordinator Jane Sill advising him on recycling in the garden.

"You dont need to buy fancy equipment," Sill told him.

"Cut the bottoms off old plastic bottles to make cloches, use bamboo cuttings to stake sunflowers and plant seedlings in toilet roll tubes."

Open Garden Squares Weekend took place at the beginning of June and allowed garden enthusiasts to view 174 gardens throughout London; many of which are usually inaccessible, such as convents and prisons.