Cutting garden accidents

Over the last four years, almost than a third of a million (300,000) people have ended up in A&E following an accident in the garden.

For the vast majority of these accidents, a little common-sense and foresight would have been enough to prevent them.

Lawnmower accidents topped the danger list with 6,500 injuries per year, while plant pots came a surprising second in the list with 5,300 falls, cuts and lifting injuries being reported per year, according to the BBC

But small steps can save you and your loved ones from injury.

The BBC suggests you can make your garden safer by reducing the need for high maintenance and lifting and attending to loose paving slabs and other uneven surfaces before an accident occurs.

Gardeners should also lock sharp tools and chemicals away, especially if there are children around.

The simple step of wearing safety equipment when operating machinery can also be important and its also a good idea to use and RCD (residual current device) with electrical tools such as lawnmowers.

Finally, knowing which plants may be poisonous to humans or animals is vital and children and pets should be kept away from these.

By taking these common-sense steps, you can cut the risk of having an accident in the garden.