Council applauded for planning permission site

A local council has been applauded for its work in simplifying and streamlining the process of applying for planning permission for conservatories and extensions.

St Helens Council has introduced a website that allows residents to check if their glazed extension or conservatory requires planning permission and to input different dimensions to ensure that they are likely to be accepted before officially applying.

The Communities and Local Government and Business department and Enterprise and Regulatory Reform department, joined forces to conduct a review of planning permission and pointed to St Helens example as best practice.

"The experience of St Helens Council in piloting this proposal has been positive," it said.

"It has resulted in an increase in applications made online and an improved quality of applications, leading to faster decision times averaging five weeks and one day for schemes submitted by accredited agents."

Should similar schemes be put in place around the country, UK homeowners could find building a conservatory a much simpler process.