Constant patrols are best method for combating snails

Gardeners’ World’s Pippa Greenwood, writing in her blog, suggested the unusually mild and moist conditions which have been seen across the country recently are attracting the pests in their droves.

Ms Greenwood said gardeners, in theory, could still apply the biological control nematode at around this time, however it could be a waste of money if the temperature dramatically drops soon.

“Constant patrols are the best solution right now – it’s amazing how many slugs and snails you can find in half an hour. Whilst kids collect football cards, I am addicted to mollusc collecting,” she added.

Last month, amateur gardener from the Lake District Jonathan Denby was forced into a dramatic redesign of his effort for the gardening world cup in Japan, after a number of his items shipped from the UK had been contaminated by a rogue snail