Considerations when choosing a tree

Garden and greenhouse growers who have a small area of green space often have to work hard to make the most of the available land.

Limited room means each plant must be chosen with care and the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has suggested that there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a tree for such a garden.

An important thing to think about is when you wish the tree to look at its best. Different species flower at varying times of the year, while others bear fruit or have interesting bark.

"If you only have room for one tree ideally look for one with more than one season of interest such as fruit or autumn colour following on from flowers," the RHS advised.

Another important choice to make is whether to opt for a deciduous or evergreen variety. Decide whether you would rather have a tree with leaves all year around or one which breaks into splendid autumnal colours in fall.

Perhaps the most important factor for consideration is the height and spread of a tree, as it is essential that the plant does not end up dwarfing or taking over its neighbours.

The RHS also has tips on buying, planting and pruning trees and shrubs.