Consider plant placement gardeners urged

Would-be garden landscapers have been urged to ask themselves a number of questions as the make horticultural purchases.

Carla Allen writes in online resource that as the gardening season moves into full swing, horticulturalists ask themselves: "Why are you buying that specific plant and where are you going to put it?"

She suggests that novice gardeners drive around their neighbourhood and examine established landscapes that appeal to them and use them as a source of inspiration, adding that they provide a good indicator of the growth characteristics of different types of flora.

Concluding, Ms Allen urges horticulturalists to resist the urge to purchase a shrub that is in bloom and plant it without any forethought in the middle of a lawn.

In related news, DIY Network suggests that people "spot" plants in different areas around the garden to decide on a placement before planting them permanently into the ground.