Consider kitchen proximity with vegetable plots

When considering where to site or relocate a vegetable plot, there are a number of options available to horticulturalists, an industry commentator asserted in recent days.

Bunny Guinness made her comments on the Daily Telegraphs online food pages, noting that proximity to the kitchen should be taken into the consideration.

"Nothing could be easier than leaning out of the door to pick a sprig of basil or parsley," she stated.

Another, possibly more radical, idea is to replace a patch of the front lawn with a vegetable patch, Ms Guinness suggested.

She notes that this could take the form of a number of raised beds for produce and that it need not overtake the entire space.

Meanwhile, Carla Allen wrote in online resource in recent days that horticultural enthusiasts should consider why they are purchasing a plant and where they will place it in the garden before purchasing it.