Conservatory space used to great effect by Deal or No Deal couple

A couple from Warwickshire have used the winnings from a game show to extend their home and transform their living space – all by building a conservatory.

Demonstrating the versatility of conservatories, Emma and Harvey Deakin have used their new area to create a family living space – enabling them to use their former lounge as a bedroom.

"Weve got our home just how we want it and its lovely – we wont be going anywhere," Mrs Deakin told

The Deakins were able to realise their dream after Emma won £28,000 on Deal or No Deal, the game show hosted by former House Party star Noel Edmonds.

The win came at a particularly welcome time given the fact that the Deakin family had been going through some bleak times financially.

Emma and Harvey used to run a pub in their home village of Stockton but were declared bankrupt when escalating costs left them unable to make ends meet.

The couple now live in a Warwickshire Rural Housing Association bungalow along with their two daughters – a home all the more comfortable now a conservatory has been added to it.

Decking has also been put down in the back garden to ensure the conservatory is shown in the best possible light.