Conservatory owners can feel a little smug in winter

The Times David Stuart has been writing about how conservatory owners can use the space to enjoy the garden even in the winter.

He says that adding plants in the conservatory can be a great way to add to the pleasant experience already created by the room.

"As most gardens tuck up for winter, conservatory owners can allow themselves to feel a little smug. Sales brochures usually present conservatories as plant [-] less spaces," he wrote in the paper yesterday.

"What a missed opportunity, when they could be showing people that they can enjoy their Sunday-morning croissants beneath a leafy canopy in midwinter, surrounded by lemon blossom, jasmine and roses.

"Or that they can experience an indoor jungle of palms, heliconis and orchids for a small fraction of the cost of flying to Martinique."

He goes on to explain that Jasminum sambac can be great for growing a canopy in the conservatory and recounts his experiences of experimenting with other plants.

Finally, for warmer conservatories, a cactus can be used instead of fitting blinds – he says plants can be used as an ideal natural shade from bright sunlight if necessary.