Conservatory included in Huddersfield park spruce up

Residents of Huddersfield will soon be able to enjoy a local green space even more, thanks to a large-scale renovation project.

Greenhead Park is to receive a new lake, railings and plant life as well as have its conservatory restored to its former glory.

The move comes just weeks after a Liverpool park had its conservatory rebuilt as part of a £14 million renovation project, as reported in the Ellesmere Port Standard.

Part of the project in Greenhead Park will be to remove 40 trees to make way for the other work.

However, local councillor Christine Stanfield pointed out to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner that 100 new trees will be planted in their place.

"These trees are well loved by visitors so its important for people to know that the decision to remove so many has not been taken lightly," she told the paper.

"I trust people will see that these removals are being carried out for the benefit of the park and join me in looking forward to the new developments throughout the park."