Conservatory can add 6.6 per cent to house value

Adding a conservatory to your home is one of the best ways of increasing the value of the property, according to experts.

Research by GE Money Home Lending found that carrying out home improvements such as installing a conservatory or having an extension could boost the property price by around £54,922.

They said that this extra living space, including conservatories and kitchen extensions, is a sure-fire way to get people interested in your property and ensure you get more from a sale.

A conservatory, which according to GE Money is the third best way to improve your property value, is estimated to increase the value by £12,299.

The findings come from interviews with 110 estate agents across the UK, as well as from looking at the current housing market.

Commenting on the study, Gerry Bell, head of mortgage marketing for GE Money Home Lending, said that in the current housing market climate, an increasing number of people are looking to carry out home improvements rather than move house.

He said: "However, before embarking on any improvements, it pays to know which ones will add the most value to your property.

"Region, type of property and location are all factors which will determine which improvement is best for a particular property, with the creation of extra living space continuing to be the best value improvement."