Conservatories would make Brits use gardens more

Recent research has found that one in give Brits dont use their garden as a social or living space.

That number dropped to one in four in Scotland and answers to the Alliance and Leicester survey showed that the UKs weather was a major factor.

"Unfortunately the UKs notorious reputation for bad weather means that homeowners do not get to spend as much time as they would like in their garden, with one in five admitting they dont use their outside space for social or living purposes," said Alliance and Leicester head of personal loans Richard Al-Dabbagh.

However, research showed that around half of Brits believe they would use their gardens more if they had a conservatory.

"The top additions to make gardens more enticing include heaters, hot tubs, saunas, workshops and conservatories, and homeowners who want to make the most of this space may opt for a personal loan in order to make their garden more desirable and usable," said Mr Al-Dabbagh.

Those who want to make the most of their outdoor space could kit out their conservatory with folding sliding doors that open out onto a patio or decking to allow an easy transition from home to garden.