Conservatories rising in popularity

More Bournemouth homeowners have been looking to build conservatories in recent days, it has been revealed.

Councillor Robert Lawton tells the Dorset Echo of the growing number of applications for conservatories from residents over the past week.

He notes that other forms of property extension have also seen a rise in popularity recently.

Mr Lawtons comments come in light of a reduced number of large-scale developer applications in Bournemouth.

"We have noticed a sudden upward increase in the number of other types of applications in the last week or so, such as home extensions and conservatories," he tells the publication.

He adds that the trend could be evidence that residents are "looking to build an extension or carry out an improvement rather than move home".

The Shropshire Star recently reported that conservatories remain the "first choice" as a means of extending the amount of living space available in a property.