Concentrate on "plain and simple" foods

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who grow their own food may already know that eating healthily and cost-effectively can go hand in hand.

According to British Dieticians Association expert Ursula Arens, opting for simple foods over processed products can be a great way to stay healthy and cut spending.

"Cut down on ready meals and make your own lentil stew for example – lentils and rice [which you can] eat with onions and carrots is as cheap as chips, so to speak," she said.

The expert explained cutting down on traditional treats and adding more fruit and veg to your diet should help maintain a good standard of wellbeing.

A recent study by Mintel showed Brits are buying fewer health supplements in favour of altering their diet.

It found 38 per cent of adults now prefer to get their vitamins from food, rather than tablets.

Horticultural experts and amateurs alike can grow simple crops in their garden or greenhouse – helping them stay in shape.